Comprehensive Pest Guide

Explore our comprehensive pest guide to gain valuable insights into common pests, their behaviors, and what harm or damage they can do to your property, home, office or farm. 

Type of PestNameDamage, Symtoms & Effects
Household PestsCockroachesContaminate food, transmit diseases, and allergens.
AntsForage for food, damage structures, and gardens.
Rodents (Mice, Rats)Chew wires, damage property, and transmit diseases.
HousefliesTransmit diseases and contaminate food.
Sap-Sucking PestsAphidsWeaken plants by feeding on sap and transmit viruses.
WhitefliesFeed on plant sap and produce honeydew, causing sooty mold.
Scale InsectsPierce plant tissues, weaken plants, and stunt growth.
MealybugsFeed on sap, weaken plants, and secrete honeydew.
Spider MitesSuck plant cell contents, leading to discoloration and damage.
MothsClothes MothsDamage natural fibers in clothing and textiles.
Pantry MothsContaminate stored food products.
Indian Meal MothsInfest stored food products, causing contamination.

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