Dos & Donts

Discover Essential Do’s and Don’ts: Your Guide to Effective and Eco-Friendly Pest Control. Learn how to maintain a pest-free environment while safeguarding the planet with our expert tips.


Read Instructions:

Always read and follow the product instructions carefully before use.

Use in Appropriate Areas:

Use the product in areas where the specific pest problem exists.

Place Strategically

Position traps or products in areas with known pest activity or along their usual paths.

Monitor Regularly:

Check traps or products regularly to assess their effectiveness and replace them as needed.

Maintain Cleanliness:

Keep the surroundings clean to reduce attractants for pests.

Dispose Properly:

 If the product is disposable, follow proper disposal guidelines for used traps or products.

Seek Professional Help:

For larger infestations or complex pest issues, consider consulting a pest control professional.


Misuse or Overuse:

Do not misuse or overuse the product beyond the recommended guidelines.

Place Near Food:

Avoid placing traps or products near food preparation or storage areas.

Improper Storage

Store traps and products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Misuse of Pesticides:

If using pesticide products, do not use them in excess, as it can be harmful to the environment and health.

Ignoring Safety:

If handling traps with adhesive surfaces, be cautious to avoid direct contact with the glue.

Blocking Airflow:

Do not place traps or products in a way that obstructs airflow or ventilation systems.

Neglecting Regular Checks:

Neglecting to regularly check and replace traps can reduce their effectiveness.

Using Chemicals Unnecessarily:

Do not resort to chemical pesticides unless absolutely necessary. Explore non-toxic options first.

Ignoring Pest Behavior:

Understand the behavior of the pests you are targeting and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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