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Gumtree Legacy

Pioneering Pest Control Excellence

Welcome to the heart of our story, where the legacy of Gumtree Traps Pvt Ltd comes to life. Our journey is one of innovation, unwavering commitment, and a profound dedication to transforming the world of pest control. Explore the roots that have shaped us into the industry leaders we are today.


Founder’s Vision:

Mr. Anil Rao

Mr. Anil Rao

Promoter - Gumtree Traps Pvt Ltd

Gumtree’s legacy can be traced back to Pest Control India Private Limited (PCI), which was India’s first and largest pest control company. PCI was founded by N. Sripad Rao and N. Bhavani Shankar Rao in 1954. Anil S. Rao, the son of N. Sripad Rao, took over as the CMD and CEO of PCI in 1987.

Under Anil Rao’s leadership, PCI introduced various pest management products in India, allowing the company to offer a wide range of services to residential and business customers, including multinational corporations. With his extensive experience in the pest control industry, Anil Rao recognized the need for high-quality glue-based pest control products manufactured locally in India.

In 2009, Anil Rao established Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd. to provide non-pesticidal pest control solutions worldwide. Since then, Gumtree has become India’s leading producer of glue traps for pest control. The company’s leadership team, with a cumulative experience of close to a hundred years in the pest control industry, ensures that Gumtree products are of great design, high-quality, and trustworthy.

Industry Veteran:

Mr. Gururaj Agnihotri

Mr. Gururaj Agnihotri

Director - Gumtree Traps Pvt Ltd

Since 2010, Leading Gumtree Traps Pvt Ltd as its Director, Gururaj Agnihotri brings with him an impressive 29 years of experience in various facets of the pest control industry. His expertise ranges from termite control and bird control to global alliances and manufacturing. Gururaj’s deep industry knowledge and dedication to quality have positioned Gumtree as a trusted name in pest control solutions.

Gumtree started its production at a factory in Mumbai Mira Road in 2011, manufacturing cockroach traps. It later expanded its product range to include rodent control boards. In 2015, Gumtree purchased an industrial plot at Goa Industrial Development Corporation’s Pilerne Industrial Estate and constructed a new factory building, which was completed in 2019.

By the time the Pilerne factory was ready, Gumtree had achieved certification of its processes to the Integrated Management System (IMS), covering quality, environmental and occupational safety, and health systems. The company added additional equipment for making rat glue traps, fly traps, and traps for other pests between 2014 and 2022.

Pioneering Legacy:

N. Sripad Rao

Visionary Founder - Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd.

The influence of N. Sripad Rao, the visionary founder of Pest Control India Private Limited (PCI), is woven into Gumtree’s DNA. His pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence set the tone for innovation, quality, and responsible pest management solutions, guiding us to uphold the highest standards and embrace sustainability.

A Legacy of Excellence:

N. Bhavani Shankar Rao

Co-Founder - Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd.

N. Bhavani Shankar Rao, the co-founder of PCI, has left an indelible mark on generations to come. His commitment to delivering exceptional pest control services and fostering a culture of innovation has seamlessly integrated into Gumtree’s philosophy, inspiring us to push boundaries and reimagine pest management practices.

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Gumtree Mission:

The legacy of Gumtree Traps Pvt Ltd isn’t just a tale of success; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing non-toxic, sustainable, and high-quality pest control solutions. Our roots run deep, our vision remains steadfast, and our legacy continues to shape the future of pest management.

Gumtree’s mission is to empower people to manage pests without the use of chemical pesticides. Its product range includes traps for rodents, flies, cockroaches, and agricultural pests. Gumtree serves customers in both the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) segments. Consumers use Gumtree products at home, while farmers rely on them for organic pest control in crops and orchards.

Join us on this journey towards a greener and pest-free world, one trap at a time.

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