Are pests encroaching on your lush green spaces, undermining your hard work as a dedicated horticulturist? At Gum Tree Traps, we understand the challenges you face – the delicate balance between nurturing your green wonders and keeping pests at bay.

Are you battling with these pests?

Are you a dedicated horticulturist who has witnessed the relentless havoc wreaked by persistent pests on your carefully nurtured gardens and crops? You’re not alone. Pests can turn a vibrant paradise into a battleground, causing distress and compromising the health of your beloved plants. Here are some of the common foes that horticulturists face:


These tiny, sap-sucking insects may seem harmless, but they rapidly multiply and devastate your plant’s vitality. Aphids drain your plants of essential nutrients, leaving them stunted and wilted.

Moths and Caterpillars

These voracious eaters can defoliate your plants in no time, rendering them vulnerable to diseases and reducing your harvest.


Ants often act as a conduit for other destructive pests like aphids and scale insects, harming your plants indirectly.

Scale Insects

These minuscule but destructive pests latch onto your plant’s stems and leaves, sucking out their juices and potentially transmitting harmful plant diseases.


Resembling fluffy cotton, these pests not only disfigure your plants but also damage them by feeding on their sap.

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Gumtree Products

Your Trusted Pest Control Solution

At Gum Tree Traps, we understand the agony pests can cause for horticulturists. We also recognize the importance of nurturing your gardens and crops without harming the environment. Our range of eco-friendly pest control products with additional natural pest control methods have been carefully crafted to address your pest problems effectively and economically:

Sticky Traps

Gum Tree Traps’ sticky traps offer a simple yet highly effective solution for capturing aphids, moths, and other flying insects. These traps are strategically designed to lure and trap pests without any harmful chemicals.

Beneficial Insects

We suggest use of natural pest control methods that include usage beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings, which can be released into your garden to naturally control aphid and mealybug populations.

Pest-Resistant Plants

We advocate the use of pest-resistant plant varieties that minimize your plant’s vulnerability to pests. These plants require fewer pesticides and promote a healthier garden ecosystem.

Pheromone Traps

Our pheromone traps for moths are a safe and efficient solution to manage these destructive pests. These traps disrupt the mating cycle of moths, reducing their population.

Consultation and Support

Our team of experts is always ready to provide guidance and advice, ensuring you get the most suitable and cost-effective pest control solutions.

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