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A simple disposable trap against houseflies.

A simple disposable trap against houseflies. The Gumtree Fly Bag attracts and traps houseflies, after which they drown in the water inside the trap without being able to exit it. To attract the houseflies, the fly bag contains an odor-releasing product that is activated when users add water to the trap before installing it. Flies attracted to the trap by its odor die inside it as they cannot exit the fly bag. Fly Bag is a pesticide-free product that is useful in trapping houseflies outdoors at home or outside businesses like restaurants and food businesses. Depending on the area of premises they protect, multiple fly bags may be needed to trap many houseflies. Fly Bags are designed as disposable traps that users can safely dispose of after use.

Product Specifications:

Size: 20 cm x 23 cm

Weight: 87 gm (+/- 3 gm)

Shape: Rectangle

Trap Type: Rectangular Bag

Material: Plastic Pouch Bag and attractant

Application: Outdoors

How to use:


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