Restaurant Owners

Discover how Gumtree’s pest control solutions are the secret ingredient to a successful and pest-free dining experience. Say goodbye to unwanted guests and their disruptions, ensuring your establishment maintains the highest standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction. With Gumtree, your restaurant’s culinary excellence takes center stage while pests remain firmly in the wings.


Are you battling with these pests?

 Are you among the restaurant owners who face a host of challenges when it comes to managing pests that can jeopardize the reputation and success of their establishments.
Common pests responsible for this include:


These bothersome insects can quickly turn a pleasant dining experience into an unpleasant one. Not only do they disturb customers, but they also pose health risks by spreading diseases.


Mice and rats are notorious for sneaking into kitchens and storage areas, contaminating food, and causing structural damage to your property.


These resilient insects can carry diseases and give a restaurant an unsanitary reputation. Their rapid reproduction makes them a particularly challenging problem.


These tiny pests can infiltrate food storage areas, contaminating supplies and making it difficult to maintain a pest-free kitchen.


These tiny pests can infiltrate food storage areas, contaminating supplies and making it difficult to maintain a pest-free kitchen.

Ready for a Pest-Free Business? Ready to Reclaim Your Spaces?

Ready to Make Your Restaurant Pest-Free?

Gumtree Products

Gumtree Solutions for Pest-Free Dining

Gumtree Traps offers restaurant owners a comprehensive range of pest control solutions designed to address these concerns while ensuring eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient pest management.

Fly Traps

Our Fly Bag and Fly Jar products use natural odors to attract and trap flies. These eco-friendly traps are a discreet way to manage fly populations in outdoor & indoor dining areas, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.

Rodent Control

For a holistic approach, our Ratrapp products provide both indoor and outdoor solutions. Ratrapp Box and Ratrapp Max are excellent choices for managing rodent infestations without resorting to chemical pesticides.

Cockroach Control

The Roach Trapp sticky trap is ideal for capturing cockroaches while maintaining restaurant cleanliness. It ensures an eco-friendly and chemical-free approach to managing this resilient pest.

Ant Control

Our bait traps and sealing measures help prevent ant infestations in commercial spaces. By addressing the root of the problem, we offer long-term, eco-friendly solutions that keep your restaurant ant-free.

Termite Prevention

Gumtree also provides eco-friendly termite control services. Protect your restaurant’s structural integrity with soil treatments and bait systems that ensure these silent destroyers remain at bay.

Consultation and Support

Our team of experts is always ready to provide guidance and advice, ensuring you get the most suitable and cost-effective pest control solutions.

Our products are designed to blend seamlessly into your restaurant’s environment while ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem. With Gumtree’s eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions, you can focus on crafting delicious dishes and delivering exceptional dining experiences without the disruptions and reputational risks posed by pests.

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