Gumtree Fly Control Board | Universal (15 pack)



Product Details

A glue board for use in electric flycatchers.

Electric flycatchers (EFCs) are traps that use UV-emitting light sources, either fluorescent tubes or LEDs. EFCs are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The Gumtree Fly control board is a universal control board that is suitable for all EFCs that accept universal glue boards. The standard universal glue board dimension of most EFCs is either the whole fly control board or one-half of it. Fly control boards have a release paper that protects the glue from exposure before its use. Fly control boards have a special glue resistant to the UV inside the EFCs and retain their tackiness (stickiness) even after UV exposure. Fly control boards need replacement every month or when they are full of trapped flies, whichever is earlier. Gumtree can provide fly control boards in different colors, sizes, or shapes as per customer requirements. The standard fly control boards are black with printed grids.

Product Specifications:

Size: 41.8 cm x 28.3 cm

Weight: 61 gm (+/- 3 gm)

Shape: Rectangle

Trap Type: Square board with two separable halves

Material: Paperboard, UV-resistant glue and release liners

Application: With electric flycatchers

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