Sticky Traps (20Units)



Product Details

Gumtree Sticky Traps attract and trap many sap-sucking pests in plants, including aphids, jassids, white flies, and leaf miners. The sticky traps have glue on both sides and traps the tiny insects when they fly around a plant. Hanging a sticky trap on plant branches helps to trap flying insect pests successfully. The sticky trap is suitable for use in crop plants or gardens for non-toxic control of sap-sucking pests. The Gumtree Sticky Traps are produced in a dust-free factory, and the glue surface is covered with dust proof release paper making them very effective when used. The trap’s superior glue does not drip or dry making it an all-weather and long-lasting sticky trap.

Product Specifications:

Size: 25 cm X 33 cm

Weight: 44 gm (+/- 2 gm)

Shape: Rectangle

Trap Type: Flat Rectangle

Material: PP Sheet, glue, and release liner

Application: Agriculture Fields, Farms, Green Houses & gardens

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