Gumtree Ratrapp Mini (Rat Glue Trap – Small)


Original price was: ₹180.00.Current price is: ₹149.00.

Original price was: ₹180.00.Current price is: ₹149.00.
Product Details:
An innovative and easy-to-use rat trap. The Gumtree Rattrap Mini is a smaller trap for mice and juvenile rats. The trap has been successfully tried and tested by pest controllers and found to trap mice and rats. The trap’s unique design with stoppers prevents the glue of the two halves from sticking when the trap is folded before use in storage. The trap’s superior glue has high tackiness and ensures effective mouse or rat trapping. Product Specifications: Size: 10.8 cm X 33.5 cm Weight: 75 gm (+/- 3 gm) Shape: Flat Rectangle Trap Type: Flat Rectangle on floor Material: Paperboard and glue Application: Indoors Directions for use:

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